Chimney Repair Services

Trusted chimney repair services in Maryland

If you don’t want to face any fire hazards in your home, it will be good not to ignore the little damages in your chimney, such as cracks, leaks, or other potential damages.  American HVAC & Chimney offers you the best chimney repair services in Maryland.  Whether it is a rainy season or the cool winters, the moisture present in the atmosphere can set in the bricks or rocks of your chimney, pull them out and can cause excessive deterioration.  So,it’s time to give your chimneys a new look with proper repair and maintenance. We send our only best experts that are passionate to do their work with full dedication, from small repairs to major rebuilds. The skilled professionals of our company complete their task on time making sure the work has been done with full care and matches your standard.

What is chimney repair?

Chimney repair aims to restore your chimney to its optimal functionality and safety. The process involves restoring and maintaining your damaged chimney that has been torn down over time. It includes repairing cracks and leaks, replacing bricks or mortar, and fixing issues with the chimney’s liners, crown, or flashing. It is good to get a perfect chimney repair to ensure safe and efficient functionality.

What are the common types of chimney repair?

If you do not regularly inspect your chimneys, you will have to face several problems with your old and deteriorated chimneys over time. There are  a range of chimney repair types, and some common types are:

  • Damaged mortar joints
  • Flue leaks
  • Damaged chimney liners
  • Cap and crown repairs

Our top-notch chimney repair services:

At American HVAC & Chimney, we offer our valuable customers a wide range of high-quality chimney repair services. Here is what we offer:

1- Chimney chase repair:

Chimney chase is the exterior part of your chimney, and it needs a complete restoration and a makeover with the passage of time. If your chimney chase looks shattered from the outside, our experts are dedicated to repairing it. They have the expertise to deliver quality work.

2- Mortar repointing and repair:

Mortar works as a cement that helps to keep the stone or brickwork of your chimneys together. The skilled technicians of our firm carefully repoint and repair the damaged mortar joints so that the structure of your chimney will function efficiently and remain in good condition.

3- Chimney liner repair:

The lining helps protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion to avoid further hazards. If the liners are severely damaged, it is vital to fix or replace the cracks and holes. Our staff can fix or replace the liners with full precision without any flaws. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, so we deliver affordable services and quality work.

4- Flue leaks repair:

Our masons professionally examine and fix the leaks in your chimney’s flue. The repaired and cleaned flues will help to throw smoke and poisonous fumes out so that you can breathe in light and healthy air. Our professional chimney leak repair service helps you enjoy warmth in the winter with full safety. You need to sit back with a cup of hot coffee and let our experts handle the task that suits you best.

5- Parge coating repair:

The parging coat is essential if you want a smooth or polished surface in your smoke chamber. This enhances the smoke chamber’s credibility, improves the airflow, and increases fire safety. To make it function properly, our workers professionally repair any possible damages and pay close attention to their work.

How do we match your needs?

We are a licensed company in the state, and we are known for the quality of our work with precision. We understand that every chimney is unique and every homeowner has its own unique preferences regarding chimney repair services. Here is why you should hire our experts for your chimney repairing needs:

  • Our certified company does a thorough inspection to find any potential hazards.
  • With years of experience, you can trust our professionalists to handle your repair needs efficiently and effectively.
  • We offer you the best chimney repair services at affordable pricing without compromising the quality.
  • We only use top-quality material to ensure your repairs last and function properly.

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What happens if you don’t fix your chimney?

If you put off fixing your chimney, the damage can worsen, safety risks rise, and the cost of fixes will increase over time.

Can fixing a chimney keep it from catching fire?

Yes, chimney repairs can help keep fires from starting by fixing problems like creosote buildup, flue or chimney liner cracks, and broken bricks that can be used as fuel.